How long does it take to make a wine?

Depending on the wine you choose, it will take between 4 and 8 weeks to complete the winemaking process.

Can I make wine that is as good as store bought brands?

Yes! Winexpert sources juices and concentrates from all over the world and follows the same process as a winery, but on a much smaller scale.  For the best wine, allow your wine to age in the bottle – the longer you wait the better it will become, just make sure you drink it within about a year (4 week wines) or 2 years (8 week wines).

Is it expensive?

Not at all. We offer a wine for every budget.  Because you are making the wine yourself, you save the high tax rates associated with beverage alcohol.  In fact, our wines can be made for as little as $5 per bottle, making it very affordable compared to store-bought wine.

How do I make my own wine?

First, you need to decide if you will make the wine yourself at home.  Whatever you decide, the process remains the same.  While it can vary slightly from wine to wine, there are 4 basic steps: Primary Fermentation, Secondary Fermentation, Stabilizing and Clearing and Bottling.

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What is the alcohol content of the wines?

The alcohol level in our wines varies by style and ranges from 11% to 14.5%. Our specialty dessert wines are as high as 17% and our Island Mists are lower at 6%.

Do wine kits make sweet or dry wines?

We offer both dry and off-dry wines. We can help you choose a wine that’s as dry or as sweet as you like.

How long after bottling should I wait to drink my wine?

That depends on the wine, generally higher end kits need more time to age than more inexpensive kits, reds need longer than whites, dry wines need longer than off-dry and more full-bodied wines need longer than lighter, fruitier wines. Our “Cellaring Tips” page gives you an more detailed explanation as well as recommended length of time.  Remember, wine is all about personal preference!  Open a bottle and try it, if you like it, dive on in!  Just remember, the longer it stays in the bottle the better it gets (particularly with our higher end reds)!

Cellaring Tips say I need to wait 6 months to drink my wine, really?

The flavor of wine is like an arc, it will improve over time and reach its peak. We do suggest you let your 6 and 8 week red wines age for at least 6-8 months, whites for at least 3-6 months.  If you are looking for a wine that is ready to drink right away, we suggest you try one of our 4 week varieties.

How long will my wine last?

That depends on a few factors: storage conditions, the type of corks you used, the amount of sulfites you added and the type of wine. Four-week wine kits will last 6-12 months, 6 and 8 week wines will last two to three years. If you want to keep your wine over 6 months add an extra ¼ teaspoon potassium metabisulfite. Red wines will typically last longer than whites and remember storage is important! Storing your wines at (12°-15°C/55°-60°F) will help to maximize the ageability of your wines.

Can I store my wine in my fridge then?

That is not a great place to store wine long-term because it is too cool, too dry and is generally vibrating. It is recommended that you place your wine in the fridge just prior to drinking. Extended aging in the fridge can also promote the formation of potassium bi tartrate crystals (wine diamonds) in your bottle.  Take a look at our Cellaring Tips for more information on the best temperature to store your wine.

After three years has my wine turned to vinegar, what happened?

Wine doesn’t ever just “turn to vinegar,” vinegar-making is an entirely separate process. If your wine has begun to smell like vinegar, it is possible that your batch has gotten infected with acetic acid bacteria during the winemaking process. The wine will also start to oxidize after 3 years of bottle storage and you will notice the flavor is not as nice as it once was. The wine will not be as fruity and fresh tasting, it may be flat and flavorless.

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