Customer Rewards

Customer Loyalty Reward Program

We appreciate your business!

One of the ways we like to show our appreciation is by rewarding our customers with a regular discount given on every 11th wine made. Each time a customer makes 10 consecutive batches of wine that customer will receive a $50 discount on the following wine. This is our way of saying “Thank You” to all of our customers who repeatedly put their faith in us to help them make their wine.

New Customer Referral Program

To show our appreciation for your trust in our service and product, we wish to reward you whenever one of your friends or colleagues starts their first batch of wine with us. When you start your next wine, choose one of the following gifts:

  • 30 new wine bottles
  • pine tote carrier (holds 15 bottles)
  • wine rack (holds 30 bottles)
  • 10% off the wine of your choice

New customers simply need to mention your name when they start their first wine!

All new customers receive the same choice of gifts.